Employee Involvement & Engagement


Employee Involvement through Communication for Commitment & Innovation
Employee engagement has a direct correlation to organisational performance. At OIM our acclaimed INVOCOM® methodology is the vehicle used to engage everyone in the organisation, mobilise them around goals and build a climate conducive to strategy execution. Several products form part of the INVOCOM® employee engagement roll-out, however implementation is customised to each client’s specific needs:
Climate Creation Intervention (CCW):
OIM works on the principle that mindset change precedes operational change. All implementations are therefore preceded by Climate Creation Workshops to help prepare the general workforce for the change initiative.
INVOCOM® Skills Training
Equip appointed leaders with the skills to successfully implement the methodology and business strategy through INVOCOMS®.
INVOCOM® coaching and assessments

Ensure that INVOCOMS® are functioning at an acceptable standard to deliver the right results for sustained performance and behaviour improvement.

INVOCOM® Coaches Training

Develop internal capacity to coach appointed leaders in the application of the methodology.

Internal Trainers Training
Develop internal capacity to conduct CCW and INVOCOM® Skills workshops with limited involvement from OIM International.