Leadership & Team Interventions

Organisational success is driven by the team at the top. OIM International’s proven leadership and team intervention strategies develop leadership skills, empowering your executive team with the knowledge and ability to build strong team processes across your organisation.

Leadership Development

OIM International offers interactive learning interventions to develop leadership skills and competencies required for optimal performance in a specific role or at a certain job level.


Our leadership development interventions are designed as performance management tools that are aligned with the talent development and strategic business needs of clients.

Supervisor Development

Offering a practical workshop that provides immediate operational results, OIM International’s supervisor toolkit is an essential tool to equip your supervisors with practical skills that will help them to translate the requirements of their managers into results.


Our process consists of 4 toolsets, namely:

  • Planning and goal setting
  • Management 
  • Follow up and feedback
  • Inspiration/Communication


The Supervisor’s Essential Toolkit provides supervisors with the required mindset, skillset and toolset to obtain operational results.


Coaching solutions from OIM International offer lateral thinking techniques across broad coaching methods as well as coaching tools to improve the effectiveness of each individual.


They address a spectrum of competencies, including communication and interpersonal skills, management performance, conflict resolution, self-confidence, decision making, problem solving, attitudes and preparation for a new role.


Our coaching solutions offer the following development paths:

  • Career-transitioning coaching
  • Performance Improvement coaching
  • Leadership coaching

Team Dynamics

Optimising team performance is key for understanding team goals as well as improving team performance and strategy implementation.


OIM International helps team members to better understand one another’s strengths, how the behavioural strengths in the team complement one other and how to adapt to various personal preferences and leadership styles.


The OIM International offering includes:

  • Online assessments
  • Individual sessions
  • Facilitated team sessions

Diversity Awareness

Building an understanding for each other’s cultural backgrounds and realities as well as age, gender and language differences is vital for workplace conflict avoidance and resolution.


Our interventions are customised to address each client’s unique business needs and can be aligned with organisations’ existing interventions, with a focus on:


  • Creating awareness and appreciation of various cultural realities in the workplace.
  • Establishing principles for relationship building among people from diverse backgrounds.


The OIM International offering:

Diversity awareness workshops for employees and leaders managing diverse teams.


Follow-up visits by OIM International consultants to consult with individuals on any challenges.