Privacy Policy


We understand that your personal information is your most valued asset. We are, therefore, committed to protecting this asset and this statement sets out our practices insofar as it relates to your personal information.


Operational Improvement Management (OIM) International are business performance specialists. Our field of expertise lies in understanding how to translate strategy into action, leading to sustainable results for key business areas. 

If you have any questions about this privacy notice, please contact us on


In order to ensure that the content of our websites remain up to date, user-friendly and comprehensive, we employ the use of Google Analytics, which is a web-analysis tool from Google Inc. This service uses cookies that track you preferences during your visits to our websites and allows us to simplify navigation and make our website more user-friendly. The information that is used during this process (which includes your IP Address) is de-identified and makes personal identification impossible.

OIM International also makes use of first-party and third-party cookies, as well as web beacons and similar technologies to deliver measurement services and targeted advertising to visitors. Cookies may include Google Analytics cookies, a Google Ads cookie, and a Facebook Event Tracking cookie. No personal information is shared with any third party when providing these targeted services.

For more information on the use of Google Analytics and your privacy options please visit and for detail regarding the information Google collects and how it is used to deliver targeted advertising, please visit


We will never share your information with any third-party sites or service providers without explicit consent from your prior to doing so. Information provided through our contact form and lead forms on LinkedIn & Hubspot are used for internal use only.


The safeguarding of your information is important to us and we adopt industry best practices to ensure that all reasonable practicable organisational and technical measures are in place to protect your personal information. If you have any questions regarding the protection of your information you are welcome to contact our our CEO via


As this is your personal information you have options available to you. You may:

• Ask us to confirm what information we hold of you and also to either delete, correct or destroy that information;
• Object to us using your information if you have reasonable grounds to believe we should not be using your information;
• Ask us not use your information for direct marketing or if you have consented to direct marketing you may withdraw that consent at any time.


We may update this notice from time to time but you can always accept that the one available on our website is the most up to date version.