Performance Management

As specialists in business performance management, our interventions guarantee effectively achieving each client’s organisational goals through planned and actioned strategy.


There is an expected output on each individual within an organisation in order to achieve the overall business objectives. OIM International helps organisations to match these individual expectations with their business goals, by defining, designing and implementing a suitable individual performance management system and equipping leaders with the necessary skills to sustain this system.

What we offer:
The design of a customised individual performance management system and approach. This is supported by policies, processes, practices and a toolkit to facilitate implementation and sustainability.

This involves equipping leaders with the necessary skills and knowledge to action the performance management system. Clients can choose between two options where OIM International:

  • Trains all leaders in workshop sessions.
  • Conducts a train-the-trainer programme.

Reward & Recognition

Innately we all want to be recognised for our achievements. Developing a reward and recognition programme attracts, retains and motivates top talent in your organisation.

What we offer:
Reward strategy and policy design

The co-design of a customised reward philosophy and strategy, aligned with your business and human resources strategies and supported by remuneration policies and practices.

Job and remuneration package benchmarking

The benchmarking of individual posts and/or job levels across the board against an externally selected market. This ensures external and internal equity in respect of job complexity, remuneration practices and pay levels. The outcome serves as a foundation for many other human resource processes, including performance management, talent management and succession planning.

Variable pay structuring

The design and implementation of variable pay schemes (short- and long-term incentives) as part of the total remuneration package. This is essential if you want to attract, retain and motivate key talent, and drive and reward positive behaviour across the board.

Mergers: Pay and benefits comparison/alignment

The comparison and alignment of pay and fringe benefit structures and practices during mergers and acquisitions in accordance with the requirements of the Labour Relations Act.