Employee Relations

OIM International assists in creating sustainable labour peace and stability within organisations through implementation of a comprehensive Employee Relations (ER) Strategy.

Our approach consists of 6 main elements and related products

Baseline measurement and culture survey

To establish the current reality to develop the Employee Relations (ER) Strategy.

Employee relations structure alignment

Once the Employee Relations (ER) Strategy has been designed, it is rolled-out to all organisational levels and areas. The first steps are the alignment of business structures, the design of engagement forums and policy development/compliance.

Equip leaders and prepare the climate by training stakeholders in
ER effectiveness; Industrial relations effectiveness; Engagement forums; Team engagement Stakeholder Engagement: Implement various stakeholder forums and familiarise employees with business and employee relations principles.
Continuous improvement and optimisation
Continuously identify improvements to the strategy, climate, operations and practices and launch special projects to encourage ongoing improvements.
Measure performance and progress
Measurements to gain a performance dashboard and use results to inform your strategy.
Conflict management

OIM International has developed a proven approach to conflict resolution with extensive experience in a tailored approach to various situations.