Our History

Operational Improvement Management (OIM) International was originally founded in 1974 as a non-profit organisation focusing on conflict resolution, management & union relationships and cross-cultural development programmes.

The commercial consultancy firm was then established in 1985. Over the years, OIM International’s focus has shifted from mediation and facilitation in the areas listed above, to pioneering a unique integrated approach to business performance improvement that has been successfully implemented in numerous international companies.

Today, OIM International advises several South African blue-chip companies and facilitates business improvement assignments in Europe, Australia, USA, the Middle East and a number of other African countries.

Our History


OIM Group unbundled

OIM Group unbundled

OIM Group unbundled into separate companies again. OIM International continue to operate as business improvement specialists focussing on their original core competence of people, organisational and operational improvement.


OIM Group is established

OIM Group is established with three divisions namely OIM International, OIM Ops Solutions and OIM Leadership Talent.


JV OIM Operations Solutions established

JV OIM Operations Solutions established

To further extend its integrated offering, OIM establishes the joint venture OIM Operations Solutions with nine senior operations management consultants who have proven expertise in a range of operational effectiveness and continuous improvement solutions.


JV with OIM Talent Management & Dreamcoat Network established

OIM’s broad service offering is further enhanced by a joint venture between OIM Talent Management and the niche leadership development company, Dreamcoat Network, to establish the more specialised OIM Leadership Talent business line.


The Trust for Peace and Prosperity is deregistered and its activities are incorporated into OIM’s corporate social development (CSI) initiatives.


OIM International expands service offerings (2006-2008)

The company’s services are reorganised in various lines of business to further streamline OIM’s integrated approach to performance improvement and develop the focus of its client offering. Manufacturing solutions and operations capabilities are added to OIM’s service offering along with the business lines of Talent Management (2006), Value Chain Solutions (2007), and Research and HR Outsource (2008).


Prof R. Tusenius retires

Prof Robert Tusenius retires after 50 years in business and as consultant.


International clients expand

The company’s international involvement gains momentum with several assignments in countries such as the UK, USA, Spain, Australia, France, Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands, Mauritius, Botswana and Zimbabwe.


Performance Improvement centres around Prosperity Partnership® (1999-2006)

OIM International’s client offering and solutions expand significantly and it further extends its performance improvement offering and refines the Prosperity Partnership® as the core of its improvement methodology.


OIM International offices opened

The number of assignments abroad increases, resulting in the founding of OIM International with offices in The Netherlands, Ghana and Nigeria.


Formalised & Integrated approach developed

OIM begins to develop a more formalised and integrated approach to performance improvement in various areas.


Focus shift to consulting & training (1995-1997)

OIM’s focus begins to shift from workshop facilitation to consultation and training, with INVOCOM® as the main delivery vehicle for the improvement of organisational and operational effectiveness.


INVOCOM® methodology (1992-1995)

More projects follow in the area of organisational development. OIM’s employee involvement and communication method, INVOCOM®, is further improved and there is an increased focus on leadership development.


OIM expands globally (1974-1990)

OIM expands globally (1974-1990)

Prof Robert Tusenius does consultation work in Western and Eastern Europe, the USA, the former USSR, Japan and various African countries.


Understanding-Based Leadership® methodology is developed (1985-1992)

Understanding-Based Leadership® methodology is developed (1985-1992)

OIM mainly facilitates conflict resolution and management-union relationships for major organisations such as Anglo Gold, Sasol, Spoornet, the SABC and SAA. During this time OIM’s Understanding-Based Leadership® methodology is developed as a unique mediation and business improvement tool.


OIM is established

OIM is established

The commercial business consultancy firm, OIM Africa, is established and the first consultants join the team. The Trust for Peace and Prosperity runs alongside this commercial enterprise, focusing on socio-economic development in needy communities.


AKSA & YLF incorporated into The Trust for Peace & Prosperity in South & Southern Africa

AKSA and YLF are incorporated into The Trust for Peace and Prosperity, a non-profit organisation that continued to contribute to the establishment of a just, prosperous and equal-opportunity South Africa.


Prof R. Tusenius founded AKSA & YLF (1974-1978)

Prof R. Tusenius founded AKSA & YLF (1974-1978)

The non-profit organisation Action South Africa (AKSA) is founded by well-known academic and business consultant Prof Robert Tusenius (future founder of OIM) to bring about change in South Africa by focusing on political, economic and student leaders. Prof Tusenius goes on to launch the Youth Leadership Forum (YLF) in 1978 which presented bridge-building programmes for students, community leaders, unionists and professionals from different cultural backgrounds, coupled with development programmes for black youth leaders.